McKenzie Bostic Biography

Here is a Biography of myself, McKenzie Bostic!

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McKenzie Bostic Biography by Mind Map: McKenzie Bostic Biography

1. Personal Interests

1.1. Sports- Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball

1.2. Outdoors- Kayaking, Beach, Biking

1.3. Shopping

2. Family

2.1. Mom- Sherry

2.2. Dad- Darin

2.3. Brother- Hunter

2.4. Sister- Tiffany

2.5. Dogs- Kobe and Mylie

3. Work Information (Jobs Ive had)

3.1. Bellini's Deli (Italian Restaurant)

3.2. Pat and Toni's Sweet Things (Chocolate Shop)

3.3. Chick-fil-a (Fast Food Restaurant)

4. Childhood

4.1. Amusement/Water Parks

4.2. Playing Outdoors

4.3. Sleepovers

5. Education

5.1. Elementary School: Woodward Avenue Elementary School

5.2. Middle School: Southwestern Middle School

5.3. High School: DeLand High School

5.4. College: University of Central Florida