Readers' Advisory Services

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Readers' Advisory Services by Mind Map: Readers' Advisory Services

1. Current Status & Importance of RA

1.1. RA Service's Place in the Organization

2. How RA Service Differs from Reference Service

2.1. Research

3. How to Conduct the RA Conversation

4. Common Queries

5. Common Mistakes

6. Key Works and Tools

7. Electronic Tools

7.1. Bowker's Fiction/Nonfiction Connection

7.2. Gale's Books and Authors

7.3. EBSCO's NoveList

7.4. Fiction DB

7.5. Goodreads

7.6. Libraries Unlimited's Genreflecting Advisory Series

7.7. Whichbook

8. Top General Tools

8.1. Adult Reading Round Table

8.2. AudioFile Plus

8.3. Fiction L

8.4. The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction

9. Keeping Current

10. New Trends