undefied articles

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undefied articles by Mind Map: undefied articles

1. AN → is used with words that begin with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), h muda (not pronounced) or u short (pronounced as a) an apple (una manzana) an interesting film (una pelicula interesante)

2. A → is used with words that begin with a consonant, h aspirated (h sonora) or u (or any other spelling) pronounced as / ju: / (iu). a dog (un perro) a person (una persona)

3. In Spanish we have indefinite (or indeterminate) masculine (un, unos) and feminine (un, unas) articles.

4. As much as they have mean un, unas. They are invariable in gender, that is, they do not change as much if their use is masculine as it is feminine

5. We will know if it is translated as uno (masculine) or una (feminine) depending on the gender of the noun they accompany. The only difference between them is:

6. A / AN: USES The use of the indefinite article a, an (a, a) is often confused with that of the definite article the (el,la,los,las).