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1. Genetic resources

1.1. it is genetic material

1.1.1. Genetic material is any material of plant, animal or other living organism that contains functional units of heredity.

1.1.2. it is used to make food, medicine, materials and many other things

1.2. how can we use it in a sustainable manner?

2. international agreements

2.1. they are important in order to obtain ABS

2.1.1. ABS is access and benefit sharing to obtain genetic resources.

2.1.2. many plants that are unknown for many people could be useful for people world wide, for this reason we need international agreements

2.1.3. its is also a way to access genetic resources and share the benefits between those who uses them and those who provide them in a fair way.

3. role of convention on biological diversity

3.1. Every country holds rights over animals, plants and genetic resources found in their borders

3.1.1. anyone from another country who wants to use them needs to respect this one. this was agreed by 172 countries at the UN in 1992 when CBD was born. Convention on biological diversity

3.2. CBD

3.2.1. the convention and its bond guidelines define the ABS principles

3.3. traditional knowledge play a really important role discovering active ingredients

4. Nagoya protocol

4.1. On 2010, the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization (ABS) to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

4.2. Objective

4.2.1. air and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources

4.2.2. conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

4.3. Is it important?

4.3.1. yes creates legal certainty and transparency for both providers and users

4.3.2. It establishes ways to access the genetic resources

4.4. It only applies to genetic information that is covered or secured by the CBD


5.1. Is there any company in charge of investigating and finding new species to see what they can provide?

5.2. How can we know the genetic resource of a specie?

5.3. who first discovered the genetic resources?

5.4. When did people started using genetic resources?

5.5. Which is the most common?

6. Requirements

6.1. PIC

6.1.1. Prior Informed Consent from the providing country

6.2. MAT

6.2.1. Mutually Agreed Term, defines the benefits from the provider of the genetic resource as well as contractual issues

6.2.2. it could be monetary or non monetary

6.2.3. applies to comercial and non comercial users

6.2.4. helps conserve biodiversity by sharing in a equal way.

7. hot to use them in a sustainable manner .