Article "a/an"

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Article "a/an" by Mind Map: Article "a/an"

1. Article "a"

1.1. When the word begins with a consonante you must usé "a"

1.2. Examples

1.2.1. - A ball

1.2.2. - A book

1.2.3. - A pencil

1.3. The aplications of the articles vary according todo the rule of use.

1.3.1. Examples: - It is a cat - That Is a car - Is it notebook

2. Article "an"

2.1. Rule

2.1.1. When the word begins with a vowel ( a,e, i,o, u) then you should usé "a" it is sounds better and it sounds more apropiate to say it. Examples: - An orange - An umbrella - An honourable woman