Applications and Rules for Indefinite Articles

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Applications and Rules for Indefinite Articles by Mind Map: Applications and Rules for Indefinite Articles

1. A

1.1. Main rule: is used in words that begin with a consonant, h sound or when pronouncing the u.

1.1.1. Application: "A person", "A hospital", "A university".

2. A/An

2.1. Other rules: We use it in front of a singular countable noun.

2.1.1. Application: "A lamp", "An apple".

2.2. - When we refer to a thing or a person for the first time.

2.2.1. Application:"We have a new car".

2.3. - In front of any profession.

2.3.1. Application: "She is a teacher", "I am an accountant".

2.4. -In some expressions of quantity, time, speed and prices.

2.4.1. Application: quantity "A couple of", "A little", time "Once a day", speed "He usually drives at 140km an hour", prices "It costs $ 2.75 a litre".

2.5. - With the numbers hundred, thousand and million.

2.5.1. Application: "A hundred people", "A thousand words", "A million dollars".

2.6. - In the exclamations.

2.6.1. Application: "What a funny story!".

2.7. - To define.

2.7.1. Application: "A shopping centre is a building where there are lost of shops".

3. An

3.1. Main rule: is used with words that begin with a vowel, h muda or u short.

3.1.1. Application: "An old man", "An hour", "An umbrella".