Modern China

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Modern China by Mind Map: Modern China

1. Reform and Opening-up

1.1. Socialism with China characteristics

1.2. Let some ppl get rich first (eastern to western)

1.2.1. widen the gap between urban & rural --> the wealth gap migrant workers stable and high income enjoy city life + broaden their horizons low education level + unfamiliar with laws =difficult to be employed No social welfare-->high living cost-->financial burden-->low quality of life low education level-->can't find a job/do obnoxious & uncivilized jobs-->discriminated against by urban residents migrant workers' families send $back-->improve QoL Left-behind children & empty-nest elderly children have limited support fr Gov-->hard to compete with urban children academically-->difficult to climb the social leader-->work for low-paid job in the future-->become "hereditary migrant workers"

1.3. Household registration system

1.3.1. divides the population into rural households & urban households + migration is resticted