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TVL HE A by Mind Map: TVL HE A


1.1. We study about faith of value of holiness and righteousness and the value of Godly influence.

2. Research

2.1. We create chapter 1 to chapter 4 and we have a defense before 2nd semester.

3. Physical Science

3.1. I learn about atomic model covalent and ionic.

4. TVL 5 & 6

4.1. I learn hot to cook and bake.

5. Immersion

5.1. We have OJT in this subject. I learn also how to work and serve people.

6. Business

6.1. We learn hot to create business plan.

7. Physical Education

7.1. We exercise and learn about about recreational games.

8. E-tech

8.1. I learn how to use photoshop, creating background and tarpaulin.