Rethink public transport experience for students to smart cities

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Rethink public transport experience for students to smart cities by Mind Map: Rethink public transport experience for students to smart cities

1. Public transport experience

1.1. Technology delivering a good public transport experience

1.1.1. Websties

1.1.2. journey planning softwares

1.1.3. smartcards

1.1.4. access through timetables through text messaging

1.2. Assessing the experience

1.3. future of public transport

1.3.1. Data driven and insights-led

1.3.2. Modern experience

1.3.3. Enabling flexible paiment

1.3.4. The Public Transport Experience • A podcast on Anchor

2. Students & public transports

2.1. Benefits and challenges of students using public transports

2.1.1. students can't miss the bus

2.1.2. Do not rely on someone else for rides

2.1.3. time to focus on reading

2.1.4. students get used to travelling by themselves

2.1.5. Challenges Rural: not enough buses hard to build and develop

2.2. Student fares in public transport

2.2.1. Students in Finland can benefit from discounts if they can proove they are students.

2.2.2. International student identity card

2.3. travel cards from ATM

3. public transports in smart cities

3.1. a key element of smart cities

3.1.1. dedicated lanes

3.1.2. Mass public transport systems more public transports than personnal vehicules easier than personnal vehicules

3.1.3. Real time tracking and controlling info

3.1.4. Everything includes mobility

3.2. Mobility is the center of smart cities

3.2.1. lifeline of the city

3.2.2. cooperative work so more traffic and less specific hours of mass moving people go to their schools at different hours

3.3. Smart public transports

3.3.1. intelligent public transports

3.3.2. through technology

3.3.3. sensors to track the number of people and location

3.4. top 5 smart cities

3.4.1. Singapore

3.4.2. barcelona

3.4.3. London

3.4.4. San Francisco

3.4.5. Oslo

3.5. Mass transit systems

4. rethink public transport

4.1. Book; improving urban access; new approaches to funding transport investment

4.2. Pb with New York subway: very old.

4.3. Buses can take as much as subway but too much traffics on the streets.

4.3.1. Forbidding cars

4.4. Finance is really big to adapt public transports.

4.5. 5 important steps

4.5.1. Optimize routes

4.5.2. make space for the bus

4.5.3. Make boarding faster

4.5.4. Make buses easy to use

4.5.5. Show how buses are performing

5. student experience of public transport

5.1. A comparative experience

5.1.1. 126 pages

5.1.2. comparaison between South Africa and Germany