Utility tree

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Utility tree by Mind Map: Utility tree

1. Security

1.1. Code obfuscation

1.1.1. (H,H) Mobile app is protected from reverse engineering

1.2. DB encryption

1.2.1. (H,H) User data is protected from malicious access

1.3. Include SSL certificate

1.3.1. (H,H) Data traffic is protected from malicious access

2. Scalability

2.1. Architecture

2.1.1. (L,H) Time to include new developer in project 1 day

3. Performance

3.1. Latency

3.1.1. (M,M) Group chat with more than 1000 messages in history opens within 1 second

3.2. FPS

3.2.1. (M,M) Having more than 1000 messages in group chat history app still has 60 FPS during scroll

4. Usability

4.1. Devices

4.1.1. (M,M) Approved list of devices that are supported for the product

4.2. Learnability

4.2.1. (H,L) New user can upload all necessary data in 4 steps

5. Testability

5.1. CI/CD

5.1.1. (M,M) Both testing and production build are ready automatically once feature is ready.