Simple Machines

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Simple Machines by Mind Map: Simple Machines

1. Social Studies: History of simple machines and how they were helpful in developing the world.

1.1. Research in groups when they were first used/invented.

1.2. Discuss how they have helped.

1.3. Show or bring in examples of how they have evolved.

2. Science: How simple machines work and how they can be used to construct a Rube Goldberg.

2.1. Experiment with simple machines.

2.2. Construct a Rube Goldberg.

2.3. Make a Kahoot to understand the uses of simple machines.

3. Language Arts: Read informational articles or books on how simple machines are used today.

3.1. Read together as a class an article about simple machines used today.

3.2. Play a Kahoot that asks questions about the simple machines and gives choices of how they are used TODAY.

4. Math: Calculate the amount of work that simple machines reduce for humans.

4.1. Work in groups to look up the benefits of each type of simple machine.

4.2. Discuss any formulas that were found and then talk about the correct formula for each simple machine and how we will use it.

4.3. Work on some practice problems individually and then review with a partner once you are both done.

5. Arts: Design a Rube Goldberg using simple machines.

5.1. Design each specific simple machine that you are going to use and then lay them out how you plan on putting them all together.

5.2. Put all of your simple machines together so that your Rube Goldberg is ready to be tested.

5.3. Think of a theme for your Rube Goldberg and Design your finished project with creativity.

6. Philosophy: Work harder or smarter? Why humans use simple machines for work.

6.1. Life expectancy then and now.

6.2. Discuss amount of time and energy it takes with and without the help of simple machines.