Technology Abuse

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Technology Abuse by Mind Map: Technology Abuse

1. Good Things About Technology

1.1. You can make some amazing friends and meet some intresting people

1.2. Makes resurchering topics much easier along with having websites to make things easier

1.3. Makes intreacting with family that lives far away easier

1.4. Easier for people who dont live in towns or citys able to keep up with trends and new better

1.4.1. Makes shopping more easier for people who live far out of citys or for people whos towns are small

1.5. You can learn about/how to do new things

2. Bad Things About Tchnlolgy

2.1. People talk less to each other or just sit and text instend of actully paying attion to what others are saying

2.1.1. When your suppost to be having family time or one on one time phones can become in the way of that and make the others feel less importent

2.2. Makes people less awhere of their srroundings and become a danger becuse they're not paying attenion

2.3. Becomes addicting, distracting and takes up your time when you sometimes dont have it

2.3.1. Can make trying to get small chirldren do things more harder

3. Making School Easier

3.1. Schools are using technology for students to hand things in more easier and to work on assingments without carring many things home

3.1.1. Students who dont have internet or computers at home would have a harder time