Life Lessons: Something that we can use for the rest of our lives.

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Life Lessons: Something that we can use for the rest of our lives. by Mind Map: Life Lessons: Something that we can use for the rest of our lives.

1. Do what you love no matter what people say

2. It's ok to like different things.

3. Mr. Mc Lellan: Pay it Forward

4. Suzanne: How I accidentally became a designer

4.1. We can’t plan for everything (SK)

4.2. don't quit keep going.

4.3. if you say negative things about your challenges, you are not going to be able to reach your goals.

4.4. don't do some thing you don't wanna do

4.5. if you say you can't do it you can't do it.

4.6. If you don't believe in yourself and you don't believe that you can do something, then you won't be able to do it.

4.7. you have talents deeply in you.

5. Ms. Tanya: Starting an NGO in Mongolia

5.1. a simple interest can turn into a passion that can not only help you but a lot of people.

6. Mr. Liu: Change is Good

6.1. it is good to change some times.

6.2. Sometimes you have to accept some changes/things that happen to you.

6.3. changes develop who you are

6.3.1. r

6.4. In your life, there is a lot of things to deal with and you need to appreciate the challenge. every thing starts with your attitude and how you deal with it.

6.5. change develops your emotions\life.

6.6. you can't undo what has already been done so live with your lifes changes and accept them.

6.7. it's good changing yourself but only if it's a positive like moving city but having a better life but it's not good if it's in a negative way like moving city for a problem of your family.

7. Ms. Chumtong: Third Culture Kids - We are Citizens of Everywhere and Nowhere!

7.1. Treat people equally no matter where they are from

7.2. being nice is the key to everything.

7.3. ignore annoying people don't turn in to them and don't be racist.

8. Mr. V: From Horror & Rock Fan to Teaching

8.1. if you have a dream or a goal, you have to do anything you can do accomplish it.

8.2. A hated thing, can turn into a favorite hobby.

8.3. sometimes you don't know you have passion for other stuff.

8.4. I am actually shocked that Mr.V is in a band and he also likes horror stories like me! -Ryan

8.5. i like the horror book and horror movie too and your band was cool. keep going.

9. Dr. Sands: How Sports Influenced my Life

9.1. always do sports because it's healthy for your body.

9.2. making your self happy is the best thing you can do

9.3. sports are good for you in many different ways.

9.4. be a team and cooperate.

9.5. it is a good life lesson to keep on doing sports for your hole life

10. Ms. Jakins: Living an Ethical Life, Then and Now

10.1. if you put your mind to if you can do anything

10.2. You are never too young to make a choice for your future

10.3. positive feedback with self belief can be a powerful combination

11. Mr. Tkachuk: Sustainable Farming

12. Ms. Klein: Let the Music Move You

13. Mr. Fern: Internationally Minded-Global Citizen

13.1. Even if you are just one little person, you can do big and great things.

13.2. Treat people in a fair way no matter if they're wealthy or not

14. Ms. Johns: Health, Fitness and Nutrition

14.1. your health is very important and should not be compromised

15. Ms. McFaul: Music & the Soul

15.1. even though yo don't have the proper instruments, because of your creativity and your originality, you can make people happier.

15.2. Music has power

15.3. music helps people and save kids.

16. Mr. Reynolds: Health and Wellness - 6 Simple Steps

16.1. Keep yourself fit.

16.2. try your best then you will complete your goal

16.3. be good to your body and it will be good to you.

16.4. stay healthy and eat good food

17. Mrs. Barnard: Expressing Myself as an Author

17.1. that you can do a really hard work but at the same time helping other by posting it somewhere.

18. Ms. Tuli: A little goes a long way!

18.1. your hobby can go a long way if you have the right determenation.

18.2. your intrests and you curious things can lead to a bright life.

19. Mr. Kemp: Confidently Sharing your Story

19.1. anyone can share there story

19.2. when you try to share something you need to share it confidently.

20. Mr. Keshaw: Cooking

20.1. Follow your dreams.

20.2. don't be embaresed of your passion

20.3. if you have family recipe then you should put it in a book.

20.4. When you have something you are embaressed you will be laughed at do not hide it, show it.

20.5. Your passion can come from every age no matter how old or young you are.

21. Ms. Kamins: Seeing the World

22. Ms. Puspita: My Love of Art

23. Mrs. Mooney: How Lifelong Learning has Created my Own Unique Future

23.1. life is an adventure yet to discover.

23.2. no mater how old you are you can still learn

23.3. age dose not matter, keep challenging yourself and you can still learn.

23.4. Never stop learning

24. One Small Step

24.1. you should spend rime with your family before its to late

24.2. reach for your dreams

24.3. if you have something you want to do then you have to do anythings you can to do it, even if you lost someone or something that really meant to you.

24.4. you should always give love to your family everyday

24.5. don't give up just keep going and you will achieve. don't stop even though thing are blocking you. keep trying and don't stop.

24.6. Don't get to into things, you have to look at your environment around you especially your family. - Ryan

24.7. Even if you miss something just keep going.

25. Mrs. J: Teaching kids turned into helping kids

25.1. little steps make big changes

26. Ms. Tara: Expressing yourself through performing arts

26.1. Express yourself when you are not expressing emotions, you can dance and sing

26.2. Express yourself, but positively, even when the emotions are negative, do something you love.

26.3. there are lots of ways of expressing yourself and its ok to show in it in a way that makes you feel confident and clear.

26.4. expressing your self when you are not expressing emotions or anger by music etc

27. Ms. Nithya: Love for languages

27.1. Learning new languages helps connect you with more people