Second Language Acquisition Theories

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Second Language Acquisition Theories by Mind Map: Second Language Acquisition Theories

1. Behaviourist

1.1. Language learning is a process of habit formation.

1.2. Cognitive learning

1.3. Language = set of habits

1.4. Imitation

1.5. Practice

1.6. Memorization

1.7. Reinforcement

1.8. Audio lingual method

2. Interactionist

2.1. Interaction between the developing child and the linguistically knowledgeable adult.

2.2. Genetic predisposition

2.3. Social environment

2.4. Learn from experience

2.5. Caretaker talk

2.6. Learning strategies

3. Innatist

3.1. Language is an innate capacity.

3.2. Every child has a "language acquisition device" LAD.

3.3. Children need only minimum exposure to prime the LAD.

4. Done by: David Alberto Martínez Hebreo