Input and Output

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Input and Output by Mind Map: Input and Output

1. Input

1.1. Mouse

1.1.1. New node

1.2. Plug and Play

1.2.1. Any item that plugs into a computer and is automatically found by the operating system.

1.3. Cd-Rom

1.3.1. Cheap way to back up small amounts of data

1.4. Keyboard

1.4.1. New node

1.5. Scanner

1.5.1. New node

1.6. Webcam

1.7. Majority of USB items

2. Output

2.1. Monitor

2.2. Printer

2.3. CD-Burner

2.4. Projectors

3. Both

3.1. Thumb Drive

3.1.1. Extremely portable, difficult to corrupt information.

3.2. External Harddrive

3.2.1. Great for backing up information. Sending information from computer to computer.

4. Common sense takes the case here. If it sends the information to the computer it is input. If the computer sends it out it is output