Why Meister Never Had Troubles Hiring Digital Talent

We at Meister never had issues hiring digital talent because - we worked on becoming an irresistible organization - have the right employer branding in place- and are proactively approaching our candidatesFind out more in this mindmap used in March 2019 for a presentation at the B2B Software Days in Vienna!

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Why Meister Never Had Troubles Hiring Digital Talent by Mind Map: Why Meister Never  Had Troubles  Hiring Digital Talent

1. Did you hear of us? We're actually used by 10 million people :)

1.1. 45 Digital Talents working mainly from Vienna, Munich and Seattle

2. Who is Meister?

2.1. Want to create collaborative tools that combine simplicity, usability & design - tools that we want to use

2.1.1. MindMeister: Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Launched in 2007 World-leading mind mapping solution

2.1.2. Task Management for Teams - MeisterTask Launched in 2015 Users can collaboratively work on projects using flexible Kanban boards

2.1.3. Freemium

3. WE ARE HUNTERS The Sales part of Recruiting 4 PRINCIPLES we adhere to

3.1. 1. We're going OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE

3.1.1. Alternative platforms

3.1.2. Competitors

3.1.3. Colleagues hire colleagues

3.1.4. Developer platforms

3.2. 2. We're PERSONAL

3.2.1. When I talk with people it's about what THEY do and their problems

3.2.2. Know about their technology

3.3. 3. We're CRITICAL

3.3.1. Suitability diagnosis Biographical approach Construct approach Simulation approach

3.4. 4. We're STAYING IN TOUCH

3.4.1. Christmas presents

3.4.2. Talent pool

4. Who am I?

4.1. Lena Kowarc

4.1.1. Joined Meister 1.5 years ago and with our approach I doubled the team in this time in 3 countries

4.1.2. Taking care of all People Matters: - Recruiting - People Development - Internal Communication - Organizational Design & Change - Legal

4.1.3. Additionally: Consultant in Deloitte's Human Capital department

5. WE WORKED ON BECOMING IRRESISTIBLE The product behind Recruiting 5 PILLARS based on Deloitte's "The simply irresistible Organization"

5.1. 1. We establish VISION, PURPOSE AND TRANSPARENCY in leadership

5.1.1. Make work fun for teams

5.1.2. Founded by two developers

5.2. 2. We make work MEANINGFUL

5.2.1. Challenging projects with autonomy, choice of technology and feature ownership

5.2.2. Time for slack at Hacky Fridays and Hackfests

5.3. 3. We established a FLEXIBLE, HUMANE, INCLUSIVE workplace

5.3.1. Flexibility in time management and at the workplace, pool and games

5.3.2. English speaking company

5.3.3. Company events

5.4. 4. We foster great MANAGEMENT

5.4.1. Transparent goals and budgets on company level communicated in all-hands meetings

5.4.2. Individual goals with coaching

5.5. 5. We create ample OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH

5.5.1. From CS, to Sales, to the US

5.5.2. Learning on/off the job according to development plan

6. WE TELL EVERYONE HOW AMAZING WE ARE The Marketing part of Recruiting The WHERE and the HOW


6.1.1. LinkedIn

6.1.2. Instagram

6.1.3. Facebook


6.2.1. Meetups

6.2.2. Conferences

6.3. Where?


6.4.1. SEO

6.4.2. SEA

6.5. How?

6.6. 1. In ALIGNMENT with your department leads and colleagues

6.7. 2. Managed with MARKETING

7. Q&A

7.1. Thanks for your time! I'd be happy to brainstorm about how to apply the model to your challenges. Stay in touch via LinkedIn - Lena Kowarc

8. Is it easy to find digital talent?

8.1. How are you feeling about this?

8.2. no, not easy

8.3. no, particularly when it comes to developers

8.4. Extremely highly qualified, experienced dev positions

8.5. Meister's time to fill for dev positions: 2-3 weeks on average

9. Why Meister Never Had Troubles Hiring Digital Talents: 1. We worked on becoming irresistible - Product 2. We tell everybody how amazing we are - Marketing 3. We are hunters - Sales

10. STEP BY STEP 1. Become irresistible - Product - Vision, purpose and transparency - Meaningful work - Flexible, humane, inclusive workplace - Great management - Opportunities for growth 2. Tell everybody how amazing you are - Marketing - Where? Social media, Sponsoring, Career page - How? In alignment with department leads/ Marketing 3. Become hunters - Sales - Be personal - Be critical - Go out of your comfort zone - Stay in touch