Past of be

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Past of be by Mind Map: Past of be

1. Was

1.1. I

1.2. He

1.3. She

1.4. It

2. Were

2.1. We

2.2. You

2.3. They

3. Affrimative

3.1. I was sad

3.2. He was sick

3.3. She was at work

3.4. It was a sunny day

3.5. We were at home

3.6. You were at work

3.7. They were happy

4. Negative

4.1. I was not at the party

4.2. He wasn't married

4.3. she wasn't invited

4.4. It wasn't hot yesterday

4.5. We weren't at the party

4.6. You were not at work

4.7. They were not at home

5. question

5.1. Was I late? yes/ You were

5.2. Were you sick? no/ I wasn't

5.3. Was he happy? Yes, He was

5.4. Was she angry? No, She was not

5.5. Was it a big house? Yes, It was

5.6. Were we ready? No, we were not

5.7. Were they busy? Yes, They were

6. Wh

6.1. Why were you happy?

6.1.1. Because I was promoted at work.

6.2. Where was he yesterday?

6.2.1. He was at home