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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. assessing that occurs during the learning process to check for comprehension

1.1.1. Think-Pair-Share

1.1.2. Concept Map

2. Summative

2.1. assessing the students after the the learning process to check for comprehension

2.1.1. Report

2.1.2. Standardized Test

3. Benchmark

3.1. assessing the students between the formative and summative assesments

3.1.1. MAP Testing

3.1.2. Running Records

4. Performance

4.1. an assessment based on the student completing a task

4.1.1. PE-complete ten push-ups

4.1.2. Kindergarten Report Cards-Ex. Point to the Texas flag

5. Diagnostic

5.1. a pre-assessment that allows the teacher to see what their students are having difficulty in

5.1.1. KWL Chart

5.1.2. Student Survey

6. H.O.T Questions

6.1. Opening Questions

6.1.1. 1. How can you describe what a coin is?

6.1.2. 2. Why do we need coins?

6.2. Guiding Questions

6.2.1. 1. What are the differences between a quarter and nickel?

6.2.2. 2. What is different about a penny?

6.3. Closing Questions

6.3.1. 1. How could we sort these coins?

6.3.2. 2. If you could create a coin what would it look like?