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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative

1.1. This kind of assessment is given during the lesson. It is used to provide feedback from students and also to adjust instruction to enhance student performance.

1.1.1. Think-Turn-Talk: Students are asked a guiding question, they are given some time to think on their on about it. Then, they share it with a partner and their partner shares it with them.

1.1.2. Exit ticket: Students give teachers a small piece of paper where they answer a question or summarize what they have learned today as they leave for the day.

2. Interim/ Benchmark

2.1. This type of assessment is given throughout the learning process. They are used to monitor where students are on their academic progress and focus on growth.

2.1.1. Classroom Quizzes: Quizzes are not required to be given to students but teacher use them to measure students standing in a specific subject or unit.

2.1.2. Running Record: They are used to measure a students reading level through oral reading and comprehension.

3. Summative

3.1. This type of assessment is given at the end of a unit or year. At the end of the assessment you review what you want to do moving on.

3.1.1. STAAR: End fo year exam given to students in 3rd-8th grade. They measure a students knowledge and skills of what they have learned the whole school year.

3.1.2. SAT: It is given at the end of students high school years (sophmore-senior) These tests also measure the students knowledge and skills they have learned and the scores are used to get into college.

4. Performance

4.1. This type of assessment is given at the end of a unit. It measures the students ability to apply the skills and knowledge learned. (higher thinking order)

4.1.1. Science Fair Project: Students are given this project at the end of their school year for a Science classroom. They conduct their own experiment and wrote out their steps, materials, hypothesis etc.

4.1.2. Writing a book: Students write their own book out with character, setting, plot. It assesses their knowledge of the characteristics of a story.

5. Diagnostic

5.1. This type of assessment is given before the unit has started or right at the beginning. It is used to measure a students knowledge and skills prior to the lesson.

5.1.1. Interviews: Asking your students a series of questions or even a survey to get to know their needs and perspective on school.

5.1.2. KWL Chart: Students write down what they Know so far, what they Want to learn at the beginning of the lesson. At the end they write down what they have Learned.

6. H.O.T. Questions

6.1. Opening Questions:

6.1.1. What do we observe from this plant?

6.1.2. Are plants living or non living?

6.2. Guiding Questions:

6.2.1. Since plants are living, what is one necessity they need?

6.2.2. Would you place a plant by a sunny window or a shady corner? Why?

6.3. Closing Questions:

6.3.1. What would happen if we didn't water our plants?

6.3.2. What are the four necessities plants need to survive?