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1. 7.- Committed

1.1. Successful students make a commitmend to do wath it takes to be successful

1.2. Make a commitment to yourself to be successful in all aspects of your university experience

1.2.1. Recordings

1.2.2. Diary

2. 5.- Strategic y Resourceful

2.1. Successful students have a habit of thinking about upcoming demands and taking advantage of available resources to prepare for them

2.1.1. Lessons for beginning students

2.1.2. Lessons for advanced students

2.2. Think about your upcoming year and the types of skills that you may need to develop to be more successful

2.2.1. Quarterly goals

3. 3.- Talk to Professors

3.1. Students who talk to professors in the first six weeks of clases are more likely to stay in university

3.1.1. Hardware

3.1.2. Software

3.1.3. Instruments

3.2. It Will make your courses more interesting and Will help you learn about class requirements

4. 1.- Passion

4.1. The students in our study had found a major that was interesting and important to them

4.1.1. It´s normal to not be sure about choosing a major area of study Most university students change their major in the first two years, time for process of discovering their passion

4.2. Once discovered, this passion can be a source of:

4.2.1. Energy

4.2.2. Motivation for academic work

5. 4.- Organization

5.1. There is no right to be organized

5.1.1. Modes

5.1.2. Variants

5.2. Different people need different approaches

5.2.1. Structures

5.2.2. Phrasing

5.3. But you do need a method that keeps you on top of your assigments and helps you prepare in advance for projects and exams

5.3.1. Fingerings

5.3.2. Chord Sturctures

5.3.3. Phrasing Structures

6. 2.- Social Support

6.1. Successful students are involved with other people

6.1.1. Warranty Limits

6.2. They also teach each other a lot when they socialize or talk about their courses over coffe

7. 6.- Balance

7.1. Get sleep, excercise, eat, properly, and spend time with people you care about and on your other interests

7.2. So keep your energy up by maintaining all the important parts of your life