Folklore Group

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Folklore Group by Mind Map: Folklore Group

1. Folklore

1.1. Folklore is present in many kinds of informal communication, whether verbal (oral and written texts), customary (behaviors, rituals) or material (physical objects). It involves values, traditions, ways of thinking and behaving. It’s an action that performed by certain people or group.

1.2. Characteristics: 1.Folklore is not necessarily untrue or old-fashioned. 2.Folklore is not just another form of anthropology or literary study 3.Folklore is not “high art” or part of “official” culture. 4.Folklore is not “popular culture” 5.Folklore is informally learned and unofficial, part of everyday experience.

1.3. Genre= 1. Verbal 2. Material 3. Customary

2. Groups

2.1. A bunch of people found with particular rules and guidelines, but held together by the practices and expression of their members. Folklore appear through lives, experienced, and shared by people, consist of: - Seemingly uncomplicated - Habit - Attitudes - Beliefs - Values - Membership

2.2. Groups form: - Proximity - Necessity - Regular interaction - Share interests or skill

3. Tradition

3.1. Mainstream definitions of tradition bring to mind something generations-old, passed down from an elder to a youth, who then becomes an elder and passes the tradition down to a youth, who then passes it down, and so on.

3.2. - Learn and share traditions - Tradition disappearance - Dynamic and conservative elements of traditions - Inventing traditions - Authenticity of traditions