Word Formation: BIOLOGY

Etymology and Word Formation

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Word Formation: BIOLOGY by Mind Map: Word Formation:  BIOLOGY

1. Bio

1.1. Biography

1.1.1. Graph Autograph Auto Seismograph Seismo Topography Topos Geography Geo

1.2. Symbiosis

1.2.1. Sym/ Syn Synthesis Thesis Synchronous Chronos Symphony Phone Symmetry Metry

1.3. Microbe

1.3.1. Micro Micron Microscope Scope Microwave Wave Microphone Phone

1.4. Biosphere

1.4.1. Sphere Atmosphere Atmos Hemisphere, Semisphere Hemi/ Semi

2. Logy

2.1. Physiology

2.1.1. Physio Physiotherapy

2.2. Anthropology

2.2.1. Anthropos Anthropoid -oid Anthropocentric centric

2.3. Theology

2.3.1. Theo Theorem Theory Theocracy cracy Theist, Atheist

2.4. Psychology

2.4.1. Psyche psychiatrist iatrist psychic -ic psychoanalysis analysis pyschopath pathos

2.5. Chronology

2.5.1. Chronos Synchronous Syn/Sym Chronic -ic Anachronous Ana