The use of internet as tourism support

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The use of internet as tourism support by Mind Map: The use of internet as tourism support

1. Promotion of tourism in the online world

1.1. The internet helps revolutionizing the distribution and sales of travel and tourism information. It provides direct access to end consumers, but is also a tool for business to business communication. The internet and its protocol have created a universal platform for communication and presentation.

1.2. Internet helps the tourism industry to expand and transfer its data which helps the industry to increase the turnover ratio and internet is the most suitable way to make direct relationship with customers.

2. Improvement to the lives of the local community

2.1. It gives different opportunities to the locals

2.2. Awareness to the community

2.3. Economic growth to the community

2.4. Community development

3. Local Promotion

3.1. Local Tourist Spots

3.1.1. All Hands Beach is one of the famous beach in Subic bay

3.1.2. Tree Top Adventure one of the most visited place that have full off activities

3.1.3. Ocean Adventure one of the water adventures in Subic bay

3.1.4. Inflatable Island this is a beach that have the biggest inflatable island in asia

3.1.5. Fantastic House a place where your children can enjoy and have fun in there