George Washington

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George Washington by Mind Map: George Washington

1. Remaining Neutral

1.1. The French Revolution brought about a divide in Americans: should they side with the British or the French?

1.2. Washington pushed to remain neutral and unbiased. He thought that his plan was the best course of action.

1.3. People disagreed. For example, James Madison thought Washington had overstepped his bounds.

2. The First Cabinet

2.1. George Washington was the President.

2.2. Henry Knox was the Secretary of War.

2.3. Thomas Jefferson was the Secretary of State.

2.4. Edmund Randolph was the Attorney General.

2.5. Alexander Hamilton was the Secretary of the Treasury.

3. Republican Motherhood

3.1. the idea that women played an important role in teaching their child to be good citizens.

3.2. some promoters of this did not expect women to be part of politics or business.

3.3. other promoters expected that it would lead a greater oportunities for women.

3.4. they hoped more women would receive education.

3.5. Many women spent most of their day at home doing house work and taking care of their children and did not receive an education.

4. Settling the National Debt

4.1. Investing firms didn't want to put their money in an unstable U.S.

4.2. Alexander Hamilton created a solution: create a national bank to assume the debts.

4.3. The bank went public, so people could buy one of 10,000,000 shares at $400 apiece.

4.4. Bank issued loans to small banks, and these loans had interest that would be paid back to the National Bank.

5. Moving the Capital

5.1. Southern officials wanted to change the location of the capital because they thought it gave to much power to the north.

5.2. Jefferson and Madison used the movement of the capital to goin support form the south for Hamilton's debt plan

5.3. the location on the Potomac river was chosen because it was in Maryland and Virginia so in the north and the south

6. The National Bank

6.1. was created for the government to safely deposit money.

6.2. Hamilton also thought we needed a national mint

6.2.1. so the country could have its own currency

6.3. he limited it to a 20 year charter

6.4. Hamilton asked each state to create its own bank in order to prevent a monopoly.

7. Jefferson Vs. Hamilton

7.1. Hamilton thought that paying the foreign debt immediately and gradually repay the total value of all bonds was the best way to pay off the national debt.

7.2. Jefferson disagreed and thought that it was cheating people who sold their bonds at a lower price.

7.3. Jefferson and Hamilton disagreed about how much authority the central government would get. and about the strength of average citizens.

7.4. They had differing views, Hamilton wanted a strong central government that balanced the power between the wealthy and the normal citizens. Jefferson disagreed because he thought that it was abusing the average people. and he thought that it was the right of the people to rule the country.

7.5. They also had different economic differences. Hamilton wanted new forms of economic growth and he wanted to make higher tariffs. Jefferson thought that was depending to much on manufacturing and business and thought that farmers were the most independent voters.

8. Why Many Opposed the Bank

8.1. There were no provisions for the creation of a bank in the US.

8.2. The bank favored investors in the northeast and overseas, so farmers who would be borrowing money with interest had less power.

8.3. People thought the country would go under foreign control, as 70% of the bank wasn't owned by the government.

9. Jay's Treaty

9.1. jay's treaty settled the disputes that had arisen between the U.S and Great early 1790s. the British would pay damages on seized American ships and abandon their forts on the northwestern front. and the Americans agreed to pay debts to the British.

10. Pinckney's treaty

10.1. October 1795 Godoy agreed to it. it settled border and trade disputes with Spain. Spain agreed to recognize the U.S southern border as 31 north latitude.they also reopened ports in New Orleans which gave them the right of deposit.

11. conflict with Native Americans

11.1. tention ws growing as american comtinued to settle in the northwest teritories

11.2. the natives under little turtle defeated the U.S in 1791then Washington sent in general Wayne in 1792

11.3. Wayne arrived in 1793 in Ohio and most of this men died from illness. Wayne troops moved north and set up fort Greenville in the summer of 1794 the native Americans attacked the americans and lost witch caused the peace proces to comence

12. Farewell Address

12.1. Washington didn't want to run for a third term as president, citing a tiredness of public life and wishes for retirement.

12.2. His farewell address was written by him, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison

12.3. His address contained what he thought the greatest dangers were to the American people, warned against forming ties with other countries and the nation's many political conflicts.

13. The Whiskey Rebellion

13.1. As a way to pay off the national debt, Alexander Hamilton introduces a tax on whiskey.

13.2. Farmers HATED this, as they felt it was a jab at the poor, so they revolted

13.3. Washington brought out 13,000 troops to stop the rebellion, which was a bit overkill.