Growing up Involves Learning to Make your Own Decisions

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Growing up Involves Learning to Make your Own Decisions by Mind Map: Growing up Involves Learning to Make your Own Decisions

1. Element 1: Character-Jimmy

1.1. Quote: "Jimmy every time we've disagreed it turned out I knew what I was talking about.But he didn't listen further. Jimmy turned and blindly ran off the porch across the lawn toward the meeting place at Briggs' Drugstore.

1.1.1. Although Jimmy was told to listen to his parents, he finally starts to make his own decisions. This quotation proves that Jimmy has grown up because he was willing to run to the store after his parents were unfair about not letting Jimmy go to the store. The phrase " blindy ran" shows Jimmy's anger towards his mothers opinion towards Paul.

2. Element 2: Conflict- Person to Self (Jimmy)

2.1. Quote: " Your-your mother doesn't care if you go huh? he said. Jimmy swallowed, Paul needed this so badly, so very badly. Paul had no mother at all. And his father just didn't like looking at the world without Paul's mother and was always drunk.

2.1.1. After Jimmy's mother repeatedly told Jimmy, she doesn't want Paul and him to go on the hike, he has a tough decision to make. The short incomplete sentence at the end, indicates a sense of importance. Since the sentences are incomplete it shows the value of Jimmy's care towards Paul.

3. Element 3: Figurative Language (Metaphor)

3.1. Quote: " It was like being alone, high up on precipe where the footing was slippery with moss. He had always been sure, even his anger of being able to depend on the wisdom of his mother and father"

3.1.1. - The word 'alone' suggests Jimmy has to make his own decisions, now that he cannot depend on his father and mother.

3.1.2. - The phrase "footing was slippery with moss", gives a hint Jimmy doesn't want to take the wrong path in making his decision.