Women should be getting treated as equal as men for doing the exact job.

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Women should be getting treated as equal as men for doing the exact job. by Mind Map: Women should be getting treated as equal as men for doing the exact job.

1. In many different aspects, women are not getting paid close to what the men make.

1.1. Top athletes like Serena Williams, rank 51st on the top 100 paid athletes still getting making 66 million less than Cristiano Rolando who is number one, being accompanied by 98 other men.

1.2. While looking at the FIFA World Cup, the prize money for men was 576 million whereas the women only received 15 million.

2. Women's presence in football has always been strong, showing that they can be competition

2.1. In 1921, the Football Association saw that women were rising in football that they decided to ban women's participation in football and they wanted them to be doing the normal housewives stuff.

3. One of the reason that men are treated fairly is because they are more "fit" to compete in sports at a professional level.

3.1. They are able to produce more" muscle and bone mass growth" which gravitates more towards being masculine and according to stereotypes women cant be muscular.

4. There is a lot of bias towards the men in football, which leaves no room for women to succeed in football.

4.1. Women teams and leagues have to "piggyback" off the men whether its big competitions or the team names. If women do not piggy back they get no attention.

4.1.1. Instead of it just being the FIFA World Cup like the men they specify that its the women's saying FIFA Womens Wolrd Cup or instead of just being the National Soccer League they have to say National Womens League.

5. The USWNT brings in more revenue than the men do, bringing in more fans.

5.1. 5 players on the USWNT have filed a complaint saying that the men get paid more even though they are not bringing in as much fans, wins, or even money.

5.2. Bonuses for the men come from just playing in games and just being on a team, whereas the women have to win championships to even get a slight bonus.

5.3. However, the mens teams do bring in more revenue on the television. They get more people to watch them and the ratings for them are much more higher.

5.3.1. But the 2015 Womens world Cup became the most viewed soccer game in american tv history surpassing the NBA finals and the World Series.

6. Men like to watch men play sports and they like discussing sports which leads to less focus on the women in the sports industry as well.

6.1. Women only make up 40% of participants in any sport which leads there to be a gap in women's interest in sports.

6.2. The mens games are shown on many different known channels on a regular basis, but for women they have one channel where there games are shown on a regular basis.

6.2.1. Lifetime, is a women's channel, and is gravitated towards more feminine coverage.

7. Women continue to grow and become stronger and more present in the sports world, however, to increase viewage and possibly wages more has to be done outside of the game.

7.1. There should be research done on "viewer attitudes" and to "advertise the [women] sports to the people

7.2. Instead of focusing on the revenue, there should be more of a focus to the "academic" side to football, to see the success football had before, to see the success and inspiration the women have for younger women.