Spring Break Trip

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Spring Break Trip by Mind Map: Spring Break Trip

1. To Do

1.1. Take time off work

1.2. Check if passports are still valid

1.3. Save money

1.3.1. For trip

1.3.2. To pay for trip

1.4. Make sure school work is done

1.5. Spring break body

2. Planning

2.1. Expenses

2.1.1. Hotel AirBnB Stay with friend/family

2.1.2. Travel To destination Plane Train Car While on vacation Uber Car Boat Shuttle Bus

2.1.3. Entertainment Clubs Concerts Shopping

2.1.4. Food Restaurants Fast food Uber eats

2.2. Save money

2.2.1. Put up money from each check

2.2.2. Sacrifice Eating out Shopping Clubbing

2.3. Exercise

3. To Pack

3.1. Normal luggage

3.1.1. Clothing Club clothes Beach clothes Relaxing clothes

3.1.2. Toiletries Hair brush Tooth brush Tooth paste Deodorant

3.1.3. Electronics Cell phone Camera Charger Headphones

4. Book

4.1. Hotel

4.2. Round-trip plane

4.3. Concert tickets