The Future is...

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The Future is... by Mind Map: The Future is...

1. risk and uncertainty.

2. complicated.

3. exciting and of our own making.

4. now.

5. what we design.

6. something we can design better with academic research.

7. something we can design with determination.

8. designing a beautiful future for human society.

9. designing human society

10. moored in the present and harder to design than we think.

11. interconnected and increasingly unequally distributed.

12. intergenerational justice.

13. desperate escape from some inconvenient present.

14. being made now.

15. the results of the limits and expansiveness of our imaginations.

16. not only technology.

17. probably the most neglected domain of thinking and investigation in the western world.

18. for everyone.

19. is multi-scalar.

20. a partially determined system in which the human must find its place and try to influence it.

21. a lever for transformation in reframing the present and also dangerously powerful.