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TVL/HE-A by Mind Map: TVL/HE-A

1. Physical Education

1.1. I learn how to play a Board Games

1.2. Recreational Activities

1.3. Fitness

2. Bible

2.1. I learn different Characters in Bible

2.2. The New Testament

2.3. The Five Apostles

3. Physical Science

3.1. I learn the Different Models

3.2. Table Of Elements

3.3. Ionic Bonding

4. Enterpreneurship

4.1. I learn how to Manage a business

4.2. The different managing of Business

5. Research

5.1. I learn the chapter 1 to 5

5.2. The proper way of making a survey

5.3. Defense

6. E-tech

6.1. I learn how to use a and make a Photoshop

6.2. Typing Master

6.3. How to make a Tarpaulin and Certificate

7. Work Immersion

7.1. I learn how to communicate

8. TVL 7-8

8.1. I learn How to Bake and Cooking

8.2. The different names and uses of Utensils