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Moana by Mind Map: Moana

1. Falling Action

1.1. - Moana realized that Maui is demigod but he lost his ‘’ The hook ‘’ that turned him any water animals.

1.2. - Maui and Moana made a deal to find a heart of Te Fiti and Maui’s Hook

2. Rising Action

2.1. - Moana’s parent always keep Moana away from water

2.2. - Moana found her real father

3. Character

3.1. Moana = is an adventurous teenager sails out on a dancing mission to save her people

3.2. Maui = is the great culture here and trickster in Polynesian mytholigy

3.3. Tala = who shares the teen’s passion for the ocean

4. Exposition

4.1. - Moana born in Motunui island with huge family

4.2. - Moana wants to discovered what other land across beach

5. Sitting

5.1. Time: 2016 (released)

5.2. Place: Motunui island

6. Climax

6.1. - Moana met Maui in other island with thousands of boats.

6.1.1. - Grandma diet before Moana left island. Grammar gave her necklace to Moana to keep it.