St John Bosco's Plenary Council Suggestions

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St John Bosco's Plenary Council Suggestions by Mind Map: St John Bosco's Plenary Council Suggestions

1. Evangelisation

1.1. Need to reach out to both young and old to come back to the faith

1.2. Pray for vocations

2. Priests

2.1. female priests

2.2. permanent parish priests

2.3. married priests

2.4. younger priests in school parishes

3. Mass

3.1. More emphasis on the importance and meaning of mass

3.2. changing three weekend masses to two to integrate parish community

3.3. greater focus on the Eucharist, reverance

3.4. liturgical changes for simpler/ shorter sermons

3.5. reverant liturgical music

4. Youth

4.1. social groups and events

4.2. opportunities to be more involved in the mass

4.3. deeper teachings of the Catholic faith, Catechism classes, preparation for the sacraments

5. Current Church Crisis

5.1. vigilance to child protection

5.2. protocols in place

5.3. be more vocal in the media

5.4. unify the parish community

6. Community Involvement

6.1. lay people to take a more active role in the Church

6.2. social events

6.3. volunteer opportunites

6.4. welcoming parish committee

6.5. greater collaboration between school and parish

7. Women

7.1. More roles for women in the church

7.2. female priests/ deacons