Stop Motion Final Idea's

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Stop Motion Final Idea's by Mind Map: Stop Motion Final Idea's

1. Pixilation. A man running away from rogue school chairs/tables/equipment after accidentally breaking a ruler.

2. Hard to do but would give amazing results. A different song for each type of furniture.

3. Location is key

4. Different era's: Stone Age Dinosaurs Ice Age WW1 WW2 60's Future

5. Cut-Out style animation. Stickman walking through time machine.

6. Draw each picture on computer for accuracy. Accuracy of drawings = Smoother animation.

7. Characters: Stickman - Will gasp and react to the things he sees. Communication primarily through body language, meaning special attention is needed for the drawing of this character. A Dinosaur - Friendly T-rex, this characters friendly nature juxtaposes his mean looks. When he arrives, he will seem to be scary and dangerous, but will then let the stickman pat him on the head and be on his way. A WW1 tank - Just passing through, will stop fire a round and drive away. 2 WW2 Fighter planes - Just passing over head, have a small dogfight and fly away. 60's Hippy - Friendly and mellow, will talk to stickman for a bit before walking off, the stickman will then see psychedelic things and stumble into the future. Robot - Will walk past, the style of animation already creates slightly robotic movement so it should create a good effect.

8. Objects and Model style animation. Lego cops and robbers

8.1. Stereotypical characters of a group - Stupid one Smart one Angry one The Leader The lazy one

8.2. Simplistic idea Can be aimed at all audiences Lego faces can be easily changed to fit the emotion of the character at a given time. Characters are easy to manipulate for the camera.

8.3. Locations: The Bank The Vault