The World of Fashion: A Complex and Interrelated System


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The World of Fashion: A Complex and Interrelated System by Mind Map: The World of Fashion: A Complex and Interrelated System

1. Individual Factors

1.1. Social Needs

1.1.1. Modesty

1.1.2. Immodesty

1.1.3. Group affiliation Gangs Hockey teams Uniform

1.2. Physical Needs

1.2.1. Protection Trail boots Grip Helmets Concussion protection Protective Gear Padding

1.2.2. Safety Construction goggles Shield Safety vest Reflective

1.3. Psychological Needs

1.3.1. Adornment Tattoo Rings of any sort Ear rings Necklace Cross

1.3.2. Identification Gender Male Female Other

1.3.3. Status Group/click Fit-in

1.3.4. Cultural Identity Ceremonial dresses Hijab

1.3.5. Heritage

2. Cultural Influences

2.1. Celebrities

2.1.1. Kanye

2.1.2. A$AP Rocky

2.1.3. The Kardashians

2.2. Trends

2.2.1. Bell bottom jeans

2.2.2. Flannels

2.2.3. Artist merchandise

2.3. Social Media

2.3.1. Instagram

2.3.2. Snapchat

2.3.3. Facebook

2.4. Popular designers

2.4.1. Virgil Abhlo Off-White

2.4.2. Yves Saint Laurent Saint Laurent

2.4.3. Tom Ford Gucci

3. Fashion System

3.1. Fashion Industry Segments

3.1.1. primary market Production Yarn Wool fibers

3.1.2. secondary market Manufacturing Purchase fabric Develop or purchase designs Make garments Sell the garments Deliver garments they have produced Wholesaler Design teams develop designs Plan the cutting of designs Distribution Selecting fashion items marketing merchandising advertising

3.1.3. tertiary market Retail industry Gucci H&M Forever 21

3.1.4. Ready-To-Wear Generic Sizes Small Medium Large Sold in stores Gap Zara NRML Factory made

3.1.5. Haute Couture Tailored to Customer One of a kind Expensive Bold Hand-made by designer