social and economic factors in PTSD caused by sexual trauma

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social and economic factors in PTSD caused by sexual trauma by Mind Map: social and economic factors in PTSD caused by sexual trauma

1. economic

1.1. to corporations

1.1.1. loss of employees

1.1.2. loss of productivity

1.1.3. sick or administrative leave

1.2. to healthcare

1.2.1. high demand of cost for mental health services PTSD alone comorbid depression comorbid anxiety

1.2.2. physical health treatment stress causing health problems heart problems digestive problems gynecological problems

1.3. to the individual

1.3.1. physical healthcare

1.3.2. mental healthcare

1.3.3. potential loss of job or housing due to symptoms

2. social

2.1. inaccessible resources

2.2. stigma

2.2.1. individually held myths only men get ptsd only veterans get ptsd you cant get ptsd from sexual assault you must have actually wanted it/been asking for it/known this would happen

2.2.2. institutional betrayal university and other education school police officers often dont report expulsion or suspension symptoms affect performance work and career preferred to handle internally often fired instead of being listened to symptoms affect individual productivity career prospects often limited due to bias against victim

2.2.3. minimal media coverage

2.3. stats

2.3.1. 1 in four women assaulted

2.3.2. 93% of victims experience pts

2.3.3. 30% of victims experience ptsd

2.3.4. rate of ptsd is 2-3 higher for women than men women experience less traumatic events that are not sexual assault related average age of traumatic assault younger than men, more often in childhood affects brain development

2.4. interpersonal communication

2.4.1. often defensive

2.4.2. often fearful

2.4.3. less effective communicators

2.4.4. lead to problems relationship friendship career