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Deleuze by Mind Map: Deleuze

1. Rhizome

1.1. All interactions are intertwined and involve dematerialization

1.2. Rematerialization also occurs between points

1.2.1. Orchids attract bees for fertilization

1.2.2. Bee's rematerialize a part of themself to the orchid

1.2.3. Newton's 3rd law Equal opposite forces For the rhizome instead of forces its information and interaction

1.3. Multiple branches that reconnect and at previous points and later points

1.3.1. System transfer

2. Tree

2.1. All relationships stem from a previous idea/interaction

2.2. All branching can be traced back to one point

3. Infrastructure

3.1. Internet

3.1.1. Material web Physical Servers, wires, satellites

3.1.2. Interactive Web Memes Spreading of information

4. Control

4.1. Disciplinary societies

4.1.1. Always passing from one space to another Each has its own rules Each self-regulating in different ways

4.2. Societies of Control

4.2.1. Working on replacing Disciplinary societies as they deteriorate

4.3. Controlling society

4.3.1. Time-stamped tracked ID/access cards

4.3.2. China's citizen points

5. Materialisms

5.1. Everything is based in materiality

5.2. Everything we do relies on materials designed by nature or by humans

5.3. New Materialism

5.3.1. Distinction between organic and inorganic matter

5.3.2. Agents Matter can induce self-transformation, self-organization and directedness Humans are not the only agents Unpredictability in matter

5.3.3. Theoretical Physics No longer describes things Newtonian physics can Quantum levels create innumerous uncertainties Needs study of a new materialism

5.3.4. Understanding micro-biotechnics Genetic modification Approach towards cyborgs? Innovations in unregulated territory because previously that territory was never conceived

6. Critical Materialism

6.1. Attempt to understand global capitalism

6.1.1. With a framework that also pays interests to the localized scenario

6.2. International political economy

6.2.1. Looking into the diversity in lives