"What do you know about research?"

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"What do you know about research?" by Mind Map: "What do you know about research?"

1. What is research?

1.1. Provides insight into a chosen subject.

1.2. Research is the investigation/ gathering of information to do with a specific subject

2. Who uses research?

2.1. Business manufactures.

2.1.1. Research is conducted to discover what the demand is for the market, then produce and sell the product.

2.2. Political parties.

2.2.1. Research is used to discover how the party is going to win the popular vote in the election.

2.3. Media

2.3.1. Media uses research to show a point of view or opinion about a selected piece. This research will help the writer connect with the audience to convey an opinion.

2.4. Scientists/ Doctors

2.4.1. To solve a common problem

2.5. Government agencies.

3. Why is research important?

3.1. Research is important to help the user provide relevant information about the selected subject.

3.1.1. Can be used in deciding if something is fact or false

3.2. Research can be used in order to construct and sound/ appropriate argument.

4. What are the steps of a research project?

4.1. 1. Identify the chosen area to research

4.1.1. Develop a research question.

4.2. 2. Review of literature

4.2.1. Researcher must learn and understand more about the research question. Must read literature about the research question to further create a hypothesis.

4.3. 3. Create a hypothesis of the chosen area

4.3.1. Narrow the research question as more information is provided. As the original question my be too broad to assess correctly.

4.4. 4. Prepare how the research will be conducted

4.4.1. Develop a plan for how the research will be overseen and examined.

4.5. 5. Conduct the experiment/ collect data

4.5.1. The actual study/ research begins with the collection of data through the steps written previously.

4.6. 6. Review the data

4.7. 7. Interoperate the data and write a report

5. Who conducts research?

5.1. Research is conducted by those who have a question or a general interest about a chosen subject.

5.1.1. Scientists Used to prove a hypothesis about an idea.

5.1.2. Students Students studying for school hoping to have into a successful scientific career/ a job that requires research.

5.1.3. Sponsors Organisations that have a responsibility of a task or job under their branch. This responsibility requires research into the health and safety of an organisation.

5.1.4. Government agencies. Law enforcement People with jobs associated with the law have to do their research about a person of interest in order to convict them. Australian Health and Welfare Research about the population to see what medical/ health policies have to be put forward in government. Coal mining industries Research of how to execute the task of mining coal most efficiently and effectively.

6. Who does research benefit?

6.1. Benefit can be defined as a positive impact of the research to the parties directly involved.

6.2. Who are the stakeholders of the chosen research?

6.2.1. A stakeholder can be any person, organisation, or group that can/ will be affect or affected by the decision, action or issue.

7. What influences research?

7.1. Availability to scientific information.

7.1.1. Whether there is a lack of information or substantial available information, it will drastically affect the first three steps of a research project.

7.2. Availability to sufficient data.

7.3. Time.

7.3.1. With more time available the research can be conducted more thorough, therefore hopefully providing and more accurate and precise conclusion.

7.4. Money.

7.4.1. The funding for research very important as the job wont get done without money. Therefore, less money equals a less accurate research project.

7.5. Manpower.

7.6. Controlled variables.

7.6.1. A control variable in scientific research is an experimental element which is constant and unchanged throughout the course of the investigation. Independent and dependant variables. Independent: a variable that is not affected by other variable. Dependant: a variable that relies on the other variables.

7.7. Un-controlled variables.

7.7.1. An uncontrolled variable is the variable in an experiment that has the potential to negatively impact the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

7.8. Internal variables.

7.9. External variables.