Rethink hiking experience for families thanks to Internet of Things

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Rethink hiking experience for families thanks to Internet of Things by Mind Map: Rethink hiking experience for families thanks to Internet of Things

1. Internet of Things

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. Internet des objets — Wikipédia Web 3.0 — Wikipédia Big data — Wikipédia Intelligence artificielle — Wikipédia

1.1.2. Intel IoT -- What Does The Internet of Things Mean? Définition : Qu’est-ce que le Data Analytics ? - Définition : Cloud computing — Wikipédia

1.1.3. Qu'est-ce que l'Internet of Things ? - Cegid

1.2. How it works

1.2.1. How It Works: Internet of Things Google Analytics : tout savoir sur l'outil d'analyse de trafic Web

1.2.2. PPT to explain how IOT works A basic PPT on Internet Of Things(IOT)

1.2.3. IoT Explained — How Does an IoT System Actually Work?

1.3. Examples

1.3.1. 7 Internet of Things Examples That Show the Power of IoT - Snyxius Technologies

1.3.2. 15 Examples of Internet of Things Technology in Use Today

1.3.3. What are the best examples of the Internet of Things?

2. Hiking experiences

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. Hiking - Wikipedia

2.2. Testimonies

2.2.1. What is your hiking experience? - Quora

2.2.2. How to make the most of your mountain hiking experience

2.3. Improvements

2.3.1. 10 Ways to Improve Your Hiking Experience

2.3.2. Make your hiking experience unforgettable | Walking Holiday Ireland

2.4. Family Hikes

2.4.1. 10 tips to make the adventure fun for the whole family Ten Essentials - Wikipedia Home | Leave No Trace Top 5 Tips for Hiking with Your Kids in Jordan - Experience Jordan

2.4.2. Examples of Hikes Hiking with family Best Family Hikes Around the World | Go Live Young Top 7 kid-friendly outdoor adventures Fun Family Hiking Experience! Waterfall trail a must! - Avis de voyageurs sur Cloudland Canyon State Park, Rising Fawn - TripAdvisor

2.5. IOT will improve the hiking experience for families

3. IOT to improve family hikes

3.1. Using IoT to keep Mt. Washington hikers safe, predict weather

3.2. IoT Devices for Trekking and Other Adventurous Trips

3.3. Hiking Pal