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My network by Mind Map: My network

1. My dad: Rik works with many business employers and is high up in his job. He could get me a job working for many different business companies.

2. My uncle: Don works with the electrical company and has plenty of resources so set me up with a job within that degree.

3. The Kelowna united soccer coach: Jame's works with sports doctors and could show me how to work on injured athletes

4. My counselor: Mr. Mcparland has many connections to jobs all over and could give me the opportunity to speak with someone from one of them.

5. Frank: (dads brother) has owned many different mcdonalds stores and is one of the head employers in that industry.

6. My brother: Kealan has a job in the mechanic industry and knows the manager very well which could get me a job.

7. My friends: (Dawson and Jacob) work at home sense and could land me a job there.

8. My neighbor: Eric owns play it again sports and could get me a job as any position there.

9. My tutor: Kyle works in sciences and is down at the university and could get me a job in the sciences.

10. Mr. Brian: (best friends dad) works at a air duct cleaning company and know's many employers who are looking for employees.

11. My friends mom: Kelly know's people who are mechanics and could give me tips on how to prepare myself and how to possibly become a mechanic.

12. A police officer. I have thought about being a police officer since I was 12 and could talk to one and get some pointers on how to start my journey on becoming a cop.

13. My grandpas friend. Chris used to work at a university in Ottawa and knew employers looking to train people to work as a teacher.

14. My friends manager: Ryan, the owner of Canadian tire is looking to hire potential employers and I could get a meeting set up.

15. Our family doctor: Kevin know's many people who train people to become doctors and could help find someone who could help persuade my dream of becoming a doctor.