My Network: Makayla Hicks

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My Network: Makayla Hicks by Mind Map: My Network: Makayla Hicks

1. Ken Hicks (Dad). He kows lots of people in the car industry, he could help me find a job as a secretary or a detailer.

2. Sharla Ratray (Step Mom). She knows lots of people in SD23. She could help me look for jobs in SD23 if I became a teacher.

3. Sara Dreger (Girlfriends Mom) She is a manager at Superstore so she could help me gt a job there.

4. Kristen Battey (Friends Mom) She is an interior designer, if I ever wanted to get into that profession she could help me meet people who work in the same industry as me.

5. Stacy Hewitt (Friends Mom) She works at at the college, she could help pass along info about job opportunities.

6. Tina Bisson (Friends Mom). She is one of those people who knows everybody. She could help me get a job almost anywhere.

7. School Counselor. She could show me places to apply.

8. HR department at Winners,as they hired my friend.

9. HR department for Houston Pizza as they hired my friend.

10. Manager of Swiss Chalet, my friends works at swiss chalet and could help me get in contact.

11. Manager of West Kelowna Walmart, my friend works at walmart and could help me contact the manager.

12. April Weleschuk (Friends Mom). She knows people who work in the nanny world, she could help me find a job nannying.

13. Andrea Robinson (Step Sister). She knows lots of people that have recently graduated. That can help me apply to post secondary.

14. Amberley Robinson (Step Sister). Knows lots of people in the child care business, can let me know of job opportunities.

15. Jen Hicks (Mom) She knows lots of people on the coast in case I ever want to move and I need to find a job.