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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Mr Kuhn. in contact with Mr Hurd, and could prove useful as a contact. He could direct you to school district related jobs.

2. Lindsey, superstore manager. Our boss. She is a good contact because she has to power to give promotions and raises, or get us better jobs.

2.1. CEO of loblaws, usefull if i want to move up in the workplace. They could get me a better job

3. Logans dad is a soccer coach, he has sports related connections. His dad can get in contact with many useful people

4. HOOPER. Excellent smash bros enthusiast, great friend with connections.

4.1. Walmart connections. most of them good, he could probobly get me a job there if he tried hard enough.

5. Carson. this man works at the Kelowna superstore, therefore he has connections that i don't.

5.1. Kelowna superstore manager. I could use him to transfer stores, or something like that. id imagibe he would have lots of contacts as well.

6. Liam Goodland is the man with a plan. we hang out all the time and have the same job.

7. Logan Teeves. he is a good friend of mine that is good at math, and has workplace connections

8. Jesse + Ethan. Both of these champions are good with technology and have IT connections. also theyre friends from school.

8.1. Mr Hurd. This is the IT teacher that could provide job connections for technology. He could give guidance for tech related jobs.

9. Lawyers or judges at the law courts. Mr. St Jean is in contact with them, and i am with in contact of ST Jean

10. Elon Musk. a dear family friend whom I covet greatly, dont touch my Elon