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Actualized by Mind Map: Actualized

1. Vision: Personal and time freedom; able to choose what I want to do each day, and have financial security to take risks, pursue entrepreneurial interests.

1.1. Short-term: Set conditions for FIRE by establishing a base of passive income; real estate, crowd funding, etc

1.1.1. Personal Finances, lower expenses to decrease burn rate Engineer lifestyle to avoid expense (house mainly) Mandatory savings, whiteboard burn rate Quarterly expense & net worth review

1.1.2. Provide a base of passive income, potential pivot point to business. Mid-term goal: $2500/month Multifamily Investing - scaleable buy and hold Find education in this area Flipping to generate capital, or opportunistic BRRRR Network with wholesalers Network with Realtors Self marketing, MLS, etc

1.2. Long-Term: Transition into entrepreneurial pursuits: real estate company, investing in local companies, franchises, my own startup

1.2.1. Find entrepreneurial interests What the military taught me Networking, Find Investment Opportunities?

2. Vision: Kids are exploring / connected to their passions; introspective, brave, tough, self-motivating/activating.

2.1. Academic Performance

2.1.1. Weekly Review of Grades

2.2. Practicing getting good at something; persistent and consistent

2.2.1. Keep them engaged, in activities

2.3. Know they're loved

2.3.1. At least 2 one-on-one days a month

2.4. Gratitude

2.4.1. Volunteering, community activities?

3. Vision: Great shape physically; able to run, lift heavy objects; have the stamina to work. Look good naked. Mental clarity, low-stress, focused, introspective.

3.1. Run

3.1.1. Low Intensity:=>2 times a week. HIIT 1x week

3.2. Lift

3.2.1. Weights =>3x week

3.2.2. High-Protein, >130g day

3.3. Mental

3.3.1. Meditate =>5 a week

3.3.2. Mush as needed

3.3.3. AM/PM rituals, => 5 a week

3.4. Diet

3.4.1. Adequate water: 64 oz/day min

3.4.2. Adequate Fiber: popcorn, beans, etc...program into lunches

3.4.3. Adequate veg: program into lunches