Door-to-door autonomous buses: the solution to preserve elderly mobility ?

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Door-to-door autonomous buses: the solution to preserve elderly mobility ? by Mind Map: Door-to-door autonomous buses: the solution to preserve elderly mobility ?

1. Public Transport experience

1.1. Take a look at those experiences 5 Public Transportation Experiences That I'll Probably Never Forget

1.2. Good experiences

1.2.1. Meet new people

1.2.2. A new way to discover your city

1.2.3. Social contact and social experience

1.2.4. Skip traffic jams

1.3. Bad experiences

1.3.1. The bus started before you had the time to sit

1.3.2. There is no seat available

1.3.3. People listening to loud music

1.3.4. It's too hot

1.3.5. It's too cold

1.3.6. The bus driver won't stop at your stop

2. Public transport and seniors

2.1. Issues

2.1.1. Role of money

2.1.2. Walking distance to and from stop and stations

2.1.3. Wait times for public transport services

2.1.4. seat availability Priority Seats

2.1.5. transport limited or nonexistent in rural areas where most older people live

2.1.6. According to the AARP, more than 20 percent of older adults age 65+ do not drive.

2.2. Elderly mobility

2.2.1. Question of independence

2.2.2. Support day-to-day activities

2.2.3. Preventive measures by authorities

2.2.4. Living Well with limited mobility What it takes ? Planning ahead : make sure your destination of choice is accessible (stairs,lift) caregivers to guide and help you

3. Smart Cities

3.1. What is a smart city ?

3.2. A sustainable future for transport: Towards an integrated, Technology-Led and User-Friendly System European Commission, 2009

3.3. Autonomous buses

3.3.1. Making buses and other shuttle services autonomous is one future technology trend that makes sense, especially for a smart city.

3.3.2. Geek Wire notes:“Shuttle services are particularly well-suited for autonomous vehicles because they tend to involve well-established, predictable routes. That’s the reason why Local Motors’ Olli driverless shuttles are making inroads in urban settings such as Miami, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. In the Netherlands, a program called WEpods is taking a similar route.”


3.4. Characteristics that define a "smart define"

3.4.1. Incorporation of information and communication technology into public service

3.4.2. Efficient public services

3.4.3. protection and security of citizens

3.4.4. financial independence of the city

3.4.5. Social infrastructures

3.4.6. Traffic planning efficient public transport network bicycle paths Private transport reduced

4. Door-to-door services

4.1. Paired with autonomous buses

4.1.1. A bus or a shuttle will come to get the elderly in front of their house

4.1.2. Mobile application needed to call the autonomous shuttle to the house to pick them up

4.1.3. Security provided

4.1.4. Walking time limited

4.1.5. Waiting time reduced

4.1.6. Personalised service

4.1.7. Good for the environment

4.1.8. Driving into the Future with Autonomous Buses