Hobbies (She likes to...)

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Hobbies (She likes to...) by Mind Map: Hobbies   (She likes to...)

1. Collect stickers

1.1. collect= get a lot and keep

1.1.1. coins

1.1.2. stamps

1.1.3. leaves

1.1.4. stickers

1.2. stickers= paper with glue on the back

1.2.1. used for rewards

2. ice-skate

2.1. ice= >0ºC water

2.1.1. ice sports/activities curling ice hockey figure skating

2.1.2. ice rink or frozen pond

2.2. skate

2.2.1. no wheels

2.2.2. special shoes with a sharp blade

2.3. safety equipment

2.3.1. helmet

2.3.2. knee pads

2.3.3. wrist guards

2.4. good exercise

3. build models

3.1. build=make from small things

3.1.1. castle/tower from blocks

3.1.2. Taipei 101/building/house

3.2. model= looks real, but smaller

3.2.1. moon/globe

3.2.2. car, jet, ship

3.3. helps build focus and concentration

4. go on the internet

4.1. go on= use or surf

4.1.1. phone

4.1.2. computer keyboard mouse

4.1.3. iPad

4.2. the internet

4.2.1. a place where we can learn and share things

4.2.2. wifi

4.2.3. YouTube watch funny videos learn how to do something

4.2.4. Facebook talk and share with friends

4.2.5. satellites in space connect computers

5. cook

5.1. cook= mix and use heat to get food ready to eat

5.1.1. food meals desserts

5.1.2. methods fry bake BBQ/grill

5.1.3. tools pots, pans, spatula, cookbook recipe ideas

6. paint pictures

6.1. paint

6.1.1. types of paint water color (soaks into the paper) oil (stays on top of paper) acrylic

6.1.2. materials needed brushes paper/canvas paints

6.2. pictures

6.2.1. still life= any thing you can see

6.2.2. portrait= people

6.2.3. landscape= outside/nature

6.2.4. abstract/creative= from your mind