Ways to solve insufficient parking on campus.

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Ways to solve insufficient parking on campus. by Mind Map: Ways to solve insufficient parking on campus.

1. Restructure the design of car parking lots.

1.1. Build more diagonal space of car parking lots.

1.2. Can store more cars.

2. Encourage students to use public transportation.

2.1. Shuttle Bus, Rapid Transit

2.2. Can reduce number of vehicles in campus.

2.3. Can reduce traffic and pollution issues.

3. Provide better cycling and walking facilities.

3.1. Convenience.

3.2. Exercise can adapted to a healthy lifestyle.

3.3. Can reduce parking problems.

4. Make limitation to students who brings own vehicles to campus.

4.1. Student must apply for sticker and get approval in order to bring bike or car.

4.2. Officers should patrol around campus.

4.3. Give fines.

5. Increase number of shuttle buses inside campus.

5.1. Buses always available during peak time.

6. Implement parking ticketing system.

6.1. Higher car fares

7. Implement car pooling or car sharing services inside campus.

7.1. Can reduce number of cars among students

8. Build more parking areas especially for students.

8.1. Number of students keep on increasing for every intakes.

8.2. Can store more vehicles.

9. Implement bus navigation system.

9.1. Design with latest GPS features.