Everything the team and I do, and things we collaborate on

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Everything the team and I do, and things we collaborate on by Mind Map: Everything the team and I do, and things we collaborate on

1. Adding things to list for creative sheet

2. Checking the release file

3. Improving the software to serve our needs

4. Getting footage to the admin site

5. Putting things on Air

6. Checking upload (incl. camera info)

7. Checking that work is done well enough to put on air

8. Organizing all external filmmaker issues and organizing the tasks for jessica to contact them

9. checking suspended clips

10. checking suspended stories

11. circling back to fix issues with completed stories

12. Checking external filmmaker profiles and organizing the problems and organizing the tasks for Jessica to contact them

13. Check of upload/preview generation pt 2 (before airing)

13.1. + organizing the problems

14. hiring and training

15. ongoing training and development

15.1. Also

16. taking materials externals send us after the fact and organizing follow up tasks

17. Release files - check before airing

18. Putting Filmmakers on Air/ Ready to Air

19. checking staff picks and informing MP team and/or Jessica of those that need more

20. answering team questions about any of the work

20.1. Also

21. Tracking statistics, reporting statistics

22. Collaborating with Yigal + Other managers

23. Planning

24. Watching the footage in detail and...

24.1. marketing use

24.2. Organizing clip order

24.3. quality check

24.4. checking each clip for # of people and if the release file covers that # of people

24.5. clip by clip trademark check

24.6. Titles

24.7. Tags + Tag Order

24.8. Categories

24.9. Rates

24.10. Adding things to staff picks

24.11. adding clip by clip camera info

25. Legal check on the story

25.1. obvious legal issues (like not enough release files for the # of people, major trademark and landmark questions)

26. KEY

26.1. Break Issue

26.2. Other

26.3. Chen

26.4. Shani

26.5. Sheva

27. Collaborating with Communications Team (on questions, FAQ, etc.)

28. Help organize external filmmakers general communicaiton

29. Eventually - I want each person doing all the clip by clip check

30. Someone else can do the check on the filmmaker level and the legal organization (release file), the uploading, and the asset generation

31. Someone else can do QA and the suspended checks

32. And, someone else can be responsible that all of this gets done correctly, and collaborating with those outside (I will be this person)

33. But for now - I will keep Jordan and Tamar where they are, and have Jade and Sheva start doing full stories ??????

33.1. Jordan and Tamar: 150

33.2. Sheva: 100

33.3. Jade: 75

34. Shani - QA +

35. FIRST THINGS FIRST Our job is to get the footage uploaded, organized, and featured when relevant, while organizing it in the right way.

36. learning about how the site search works and improving

37. Organizing Release Files + Backing up