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Social Media Marketing by Mind Map: Social Media Marketing

1. Facebook

1.1. 80 to 85% leads are from Facebook, IG and YouTube; but most are from Facebook

1.2. Target Audience

1.2.1. Create a business page

1.2.2. Create a community

1.3. How to increase followers?

1.3.1. Run Facebook Ads run “Engagement” ads,

1.3.2. Invite People to Like Your Page

1.3.3. Create Viral Content

1.3.4. Host a Giveaway

1.3.5. Add a Facebook Likes Pop-Up

1.3.6. Try Out Facebook Live

1.3.7. Partner with an Influencer

1.3.8. Use Automation Tools to Boost Your Activity

1.3.9. Add a Facebook Like Widget

1.3.10. Add Your Social Media Links to Your Website

1.3.11. Email Your List

1.3.12. Create More Video Content

1.3.13. Engage with Your Community

1.3.14. Hashtag It Up

2. Instagram

2.1. Parasocial

2.1.1. Use hashtag

2.1.2. Post 3 to 4 times a day (9,12,510)

2.2. Type of accounts

2.2.1. Creation Personal brand

2.2.2. Curation Make $ from sponsors About food Fates


2.3.1. IG is best marketing tool in social media

2.3.2. Get More Instagram Followers with a Branded and Complete Instagram Profile a great Instagram profile photo, an effective Instagram bio, active stories, and coordinating cover photos for your Instagram highlights.

3. YouTube

3.1. Keywords

3.2. Suggested Content

3.3. Watch Time

3.4. Bince Watch

3.5. Boost Views

3.6. Equipments

3.6.1. Microphone for iPhone

3.6.2. Ring right for IPhone

3.6.3. Dgi osmo mobile

3.6.4. Mavic 2 Pro

3.6.5. Microphone for iPhone wireless

3.7. Types of Video

3.7.1. How to

3.7.2. Video blogs Begin>Middle>End Whole journey

3.7.3. Interview