How can Technology Improve the Career Guidance Experience for Musicians?

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How can Technology Improve the Career Guidance Experience for Musicians? by Mind Map: How can Technology Improve the Career Guidance Experience for Musicians?

1. App/Website for Instrument Sharing

1.1. Sharing Economy is growing. Several apps exist like airbnb, Turo, etc. For more examples:

1.1.1. Instruments are expensive Many people are interested in the music industry but cannot afford the instruments for practice. I believe many potential musicians back down because of the constraint on affording an instrument or having access to instrumental practice. Even for musicians, that have been playing for a long time, instruments tend to be expensive and their salary isn't enough. One of the several challenges musicians face is low funds. Many Musicians Face These Common Issues in the Industry Instruments tend to be expensive due to: branded name or maker, antique value, high quality of sound, and the fact that many are hand made. For more information, read:

1.1.2. Not everyone has access to instruments Instruments are expensive even to musicians. How to make instruments more accessible for newly musicians or people just starting to build their music career? Provide the opportunity of lending and borrowing instruments to be more casual and less bureaucratic.

1.1.3. Newly interested musicians just want to try out, don't want to invest Scenario: Young adult wants to try out piano lessons Piano is an instrument that requires several hours of practice per week. Not sure if it's worth to invest on a keyboard or piano because he or she is just exploring the idea.

1.1.4. Instrument Rental currently exists For musicians, charities and music colleges can lend instruments to musicians. This rental is usually for a long-term basis.

2. App/Website for Live Music Playing

2.1. Create a win-win situation for restaurants or public locations where musicians can come play.

2.1.1. Many Restaurants lack entertainment It's normal for people to consider many factors when choosing a restaurant, not only the food. Many restaurants have great food but lack a fun and nice environment. Live Music can be beneficial for restaurants Good live music entices your customers to stay longer and spend more money on drinks and food. Many businesses that have booked creditable entertainment have brought in increased profits from drink sales, and it's even been proven that higher sound levels from music lead to increased drink consumption. Liven Up Your Bar or Restaurant with Live Music

2.1.2. New musicians are interested in showing their talent It is difficult for musicians to expose themselves for the first time At first, without the necessary support, new musicians don't know where to perform or how to get people to listen to their music. Restaurants or Bars that already host live music, stick to the same artists over and over again Back in my home country, I go to restaurants that host live music one day per week (every Thursday for example) and every Thursday, they bring in the same musician week after week. I think restaurants can support young and new musicians and offer one day per week to give them a shot and bring a different musicians each week.

2.1.3. Public Locations could benefit from live music Live Music is not only beneficial at bars or restaurants. Many open spaces, such as: pedestrian streets, parks, monuments, plazas are great locations for new artists to perform. Live music performances could make the tourist experience even more agreeable. I just visited Trafalgar Square in London and witnessed amazing music performances.

3. App/Website to Book Instrument Practice Time at Specific Locations

3.1. Alternative to making people buy or rent instruments

3.1.1. Lack of Space at Home Many people don't have enough space to have an instrument at home. Some instruments take up a lot of space such as: pianos, keyboards, drums, cellos, contrabass, etc.

3.1.2. Make instruments more accessible Instruments tend to be inaccessible to all types of people due to other factors besides the financial one. Allowing people to practice at specific locations, can provide more opportunities to new and young musicians

3.1.3. Practice Time without disturbing neighbors Being aware of the neighbors is something everyone should have in mind; not only when it comes to playing an instrument. Some people say they have held off on starting to learn a musical instrument because of living in a shared space or apartment complex. Is It Possible to Practice Music in an Apartment?

3.1.4. Maximize Use of Instruments at Specific Locations At schools or practice rooms, instruments are only used by professional musicians or students from that institution. How to maximize the use of the instruments by allowing more people to use them and practice?