Differentiated teaching

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Differentiated teaching by Mind Map: Differentiated teaching

1. Differentiate in instructions, material or the goals.

2. Different students has different needs in different times - the teacher must be observant!

3. You have to know your students interests, abilities and learning styles

4. Doing group-work is also a way of differentiating, if done properly

5. Important to think about when forming groups: readiness, interest, learning styles etc.

6. "Crush the can" exercise is a great way of teaching the students about class philosophy, which is also important in differentiation

7. Eight steps to follow, when planing differentiated teaching:

8. Trying out activities, and adjusting them accordingly to the individuals specific needs

9. "the student achieve and aspire graph": a way og teaching the students to get a better understanding of their own stenghts and weaknesses

10. Eight steps to follow, when planing differentiated teaching: determine grade-level standard, determine topic of study, determine method of preassesment, create three groups of students, determine target skills at each level (Bloom's taxonomy levels), develop critical questions, tiered contract or linear method? and reflect/respond.