Life Time Fitness Options

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Life Time Fitness Options by Mind Map: Life Time Fitness Options

1. Swimming

1.1. Where

1.2. Universal Athletic Club, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the Lancaster YMCA offers swim lessons from age one up to any age. Prices vary and there are skill levels within each age group.

1.3. Skill levels

1.4. For beginners swim lessons are recommend. You can take swim lessons at Universal or the Lancaster YMCA. Intermediate and advanced swimmers might benefit more strongly from swim teams and clubs such as MTAG and Five Star Swimming. Any age group is eligible for this exercise.

1.5. Prices

1.6. Prices vary upon where you go and which program you participate in. Most gyms or pools require a membership. At Universal a membership for senior citizens costs $13 per week. Some pools allow for a day pass, like at Overlook.

1.7. Frequency

1.8. One should swim for three times a week with varying intensities for thirty minute time periods with frequent rest between sets.

1.9. Fitness Component

1.9.1. Improves cardiovascular health, meaning it can help eliminate any unnecessary diseases .

1.9.2. Benefits Takes off impact stress yet it continues to increase heart rate, tones muscles, and helps stabilize weight

2. Cycling

2.1. Where

2.2. Stationary cycling requires a gym or cycling class. I AM Limitless is a spin class and gym that offers other amenities. With a bike one can cycle on paths or roads

2.3. Skill Levels

2.4. There are not verified skill levels, however different paths prove to be more difficult than others. Steep and rocky biking paths are for more advanced riders. Some cycling classes offer modifications varied upon height and age.

2.5. Prices

2.6. Prices vary upon location, at I AM Limitless, a single class costs $17 and a pack of five classes costs $75. Biking around is free!

2.7. Frequency

2.8. Trying to cycle with high intensity is recommended twice a week.

2.8.1. Benefits Increases joint mobility, deceases weight gain, and strengthens bones

3. Yoga

3.1. Where

3.2. Evolution Yoga is a studio downtown offering classes for all levels. Blaze Yoga and Bikram Yoga are also downtown Lancaster.

3.3. Skill Levels

3.4. Any skill level is welcome. Anyone can leave the room or sit out at any pose. Bikram is hot yoga, so the room is at or above 90°, so people who do not do well in heat are not recommend to take this class.

3.5. Prices

3.6. For a high school student, the rate is $15 a class for Bikram, and a yearly membership is an upward price of $1200. Yoga is also available at several gyms for a fee of their membership price.

3.7. Frequency

3.7.1. Benefits increased flexibility, improved respiration, maintains stable metabolism, increased muscle strength and tone

3.8. Yoga should be done as often as possible and preferably everyday for short time periods such as 15-30 minutes a day.

4. Aerobics Classes (in water and in a class using different weights and working various muscles)

4.1. Where

4.2. Universal Athletics Club and other recreational clubs offers classes. Formula Fitness is also another gym that offers classes.

4.3. Skill Levels

4.4. Skill levels vary upon gym and class, there are classes. When doing a workout video, you can follow the modified or advanced instructor.

4.5. Prices

4.6. A membership to Formula Fitness is $19 per month, with a $49 enrollment fee. Classes are included within gym or recreational memberships.

4.7. Frequency

4.7.1. Benefits

4.7.2. Toned muscles, improved cardiovascular health, released endorphins

4.8. Aerobics should be done daily for thirty minutes a day in order to reduce risk of diseases, especially those that arise during adulthood.

5. Walking

5.1. Where

5.2. Walking is free, there are several beautiful walking paths and hiking places all throughout Lancaster. Chickie’s Rock offers a beautiful view. Walking can also be done of our schools track.

5.3. Skill Levels

5.4. Prices

5.5. There are no skill levels for this physical activity.

5.6. Walking is free if you go out in nature or use an easily accessible communal track.

5.7. Frequency

5.7.1. Benefits Improves management of internal conditions, relieves stress, and improves balance

5.8. One should try and walk for 30 to 90 minutes per day in order to see a change in weight. Varying length between days is important so you can allow your muscles to health.