From Sea to Shining Sea

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From Sea to Shining Sea by Mind Map: From Sea to Shining Sea

1. The Louisiana Purchase & Exploration

1.1. Students will examine the events leading up to the purchase of the Louisiana Territory and the results of the following explorations.

1.1.1. Assement: Students will assemble a map of the North American continent at the time of the Louisiana Purchase paying special attention to the countries bordering the United States, waterways, and exploration paths. The Teacher will give a lecture on the events leading to the Louisiana Purchase and the following explorations that occurred after. Students will complete guided notes that follow the lecture and complete the map with new territory information as given.

2. Trail of Tears

2.1. Students will investigate a primary source document in a group setting and complete a packet to demonstrate understanding of the document.

2.1.1. Assessment: Students will analyze a primary source document using HIPPO and be able to develop a poster on the document and teach their peers on their document. The teacher will guide the students through the packet (read introduction to HIPPO worksheet). The teacher will be constantly checking for progress and clear understanding. The students will be investigating a primary source in a group setting and answering higher-order thinking questions on the document. They will then teach their peers on their document.

3. Andrew Jackson

3.1. Students will investigate Andrew Jackson's presidency through participation in a Gallery Walk and actively evaluate what they see. Students will organize key concepts/actions of Jackson's presidency after evaluation of the Gallery walk.

3.1.1. Assessments: Students will be able to effectively organize key concepts and events from Andrew Jackson's presidency. Students will participate in small group discussions during the gallery walk and answer questions pertaining to each station. Students will participate in an affinity mapping activity starting in the introduction of the lesson and ending in closing.